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Ma: I may a little crazy but not stupid

Standing on the peak of the world to learn

If the global entertainment industry each year is the most star-studded Academy Awards, that for government, business, the most hope is the Davos World Economic Forum.

January 24, 2007, Alibaba boss Jack Ma came to Davos again. Huge screen on stage, projected images of Ma inclusion gestures. At the annual meeting, he went to speak were involved in three forums, probably the most busy of a Chinese CEO. In fact, he has turned down three keynote speeches and discussion.

"Each year at Davos, I have very relaxed, thinking it was a feast." Ma said, "You turned around and this is a prime minister, switched over to a president that we speak freely together, and each of feelings are very wonderful. "

Participate in a variety of forums, and various master "contest of strength" is the work of Ma important part. Each month, he almost always spent more than a week's time, similar occasions in foreign countries, as is informative.

Better than the success ratio of suffering

"Life is fair, even to eat a lot of pain, as long as you persevere, there must be harvested, even if they finally fail, you do not have access to the experience of others." Ma said.

And many different CEO, Ma admitted that they have the pressure of his quotations in the famous one: "A man's mind is the wronged great support." In particular, one year after the acquisition of Yahoo China, Ma Yuncheng under tremendous pressure. In 2005, most of his time was spent in Beijing's handling of a variety of problems.

"The pressure is to accompany. An entrepreneur to be able to endure loneliness, able to endure the temptation, but also stand the pressure, stand the innocent, in training the skin, firing at one go, it is very important." Ma said, "martial arts master is the ratio of the number of hardships experienced, and not get too much success."

Learn to love themselves

Stress and suffering is not hamper his love for his Ma that he is serious about its own rest.

Work force, he often pass the time on the plane, lunch, often going to eat the only two in the afternoon. But he insists on time for dinner, to ensure 78 hours of sleep.

"Sleep is very important to rest." Ma said.

Every year, he will go on vacation with his family, most of the time is to go abroad, occasionally wandering country, such as the western. Play golf and walk the dog is also one of his important form of exercise. Ma raising a purebred German shepherd, named "Apollo" because he believed in "Apollo" is the best. It is said that Ma always middle of the night with his dog for a walk to relax.

"Is some time lost points, and now restored." He said, laughing.

Let the team laugh

Not good at self-regulation, Ma or the company's "Pistachio." In the company, he is like a restless big boys less alert and get behind the staff appeared, exultant to talk business, unemotional give some inspiration. He once ringtone set to "We are communist successor"; like to go, but under very smelly; play four countries (a game), and very smelly; playing "killing game" always the first one out, because If too much.

In fact, he paid great attention to the scope of control pressure, rarely passes to employees. This Alibaba 3,000 employees have become the "happy young people."

Alibaba's headquarters here in Hangzhou, the walls can be seen everywhere when you travel with pictures of employees on their own initiative in organizing the 10 interest groups, each group has a Funny slogan, activity fees by the company.

"The pressure is own and should not be transmitted to the staff. I have been colleagues and I said, no smiling faces of the company is very painful company." Ma said, "I like Pig humor, he is the lubricant of the pilgrimage , Western Paradise learn Zaikuzailei, a smile is passed. our company LOGO is a smile. "

Mad rush Dreams

But always show smiling faces of the Ma, but not good at running his own public image. Very often, his wild and uninhibited, known as "crazy" names.

Alibaba and the various sub sectors in the carnival, he would dress up as girls or southern Uygur fisherman.

In an interview, he used to come up with all kinds of little tricks, sometimes his mouth a long tobacco stems, sometimes playing with a box of matches, even beating the ball. His explanation was: This helps thinking and expression.

Fifth in 2005, "West Lake swordfight", he tilted his legs and Clinton dialogue, listening to Charles Zhang, Ding Lei, Pony Ma, Wang Yan and Zhang Weiying economists to debate the rise, he easily he took the audience a stool the throwing power, and then rushed up a scissors-lunge.

The people of Hangzhou can occasionally see him in the stall inside. Drink a little drunk with a bunch of people Shenkanxialiao, dancing, as if a common citizen.

"I have a good natural eloquence, why not in the street publicity for my company?" Ma said.

Unlike those fashion CEO, Jack Ma had never specialized agencies planning their own public image. But this is "Forbes" described as "looks strange" 43-year-old CEO, actually has a lot of "fans." The end of 2006, the network singer Murong Xuan Hai Ba Ma compiled into their own original songs -

"Only think of it makes me feel warm and Ma / his charm I Hearts chaos / Ma I really really love you / not present on the luxury with / afterlife still love you."

"I might a little crazy but not stupid!" Said Ma.

In fact, his real ability is not a person "crazy", but let everyone crazy. The podium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he eloquently, claws, the Harvard president of the podium with Nokia intense debate, and won the audience more than 1,000 listeners a long standing ovation.

"Crazy" Ma has a simple dream: to Alibaba made a "102-year-old store", and people have a certain impact, like GE, Microsoft or IBM did. He also hoped that other older, write a "Alibaba 1001 error" and to share.

Ma saying

鈫?business for so many years, I had too much until next week, but, as long as something good, I'll be very happy to own, "left hand right hand warm."

鈫?Judge (judge) a person, a company is not good, do not think he is not a Harvard (Harvard), is not Stanford (Stanford), Do not Judge which the number of graduates of prestigious universities, and to Judge is a group of people work not mad as dry, see if he is not smiling every day return home from work.


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